We help businesses to adopt the Web as an efficient and excellent way to interact with your clients or customers and to make all your electronic transactions in a safe and secured environment. This not only opens up your business to new and potential foreign markets, but also reduces paperwork and eliminates the practice of re-keying of information, saving time and effort in transferring information between processes.

  We keep an eye on the technological developments of the Internet, so that you needn’t worry about your business being left behind. We advise you on how your business or organization should be directed so that you get the maximum benefit possible from the available opportunities. We provide solutions to meet your requirements that range from simply advertising a product and supplying contact information for purchases, or requiring a complete on-line shopping facility.
  e-commerce strategy

We help you develop an e-commerce strategy which is in sync with your current business or start-up venture that will significantly increase your sales revenue. We provide e-commerce solutions to clients that already have a web presence, as well as those who are still entering the WWW. We integrate various Web applications and features like shopping carts, payment processing, Internet Merchant accounts, secure credit card transactions, order notification and confirmation, and online message boards to get your site really buzzing online.

Security being a key feature in online transactions, we incorporate a facility for designated access and permissions for users to ensure the highest levels of security. To further enhance secure communications, we offer secure connections between the client and server for administrative sessions through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) support.

We provide strong admin modules for your web site, which enable efficient handling of the database, increased security of user information, and make the applications more efficient and user friendly. These modules allow easy updation, deletion and changes required in future.


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