Everybody has the same tools.
Everybody has the same technology (well, almost). 
And everybody has the same 24 hours.
  We just use them differently.

With so many tools out there, it's just about the simplest thing on earth to put together a solution for the net. Anyone can do it! Pick up the client's corporate brochure, punch in the text, scan the pictures, put it together in an HTML editor, throw in a couple of funky animation, add some off-the-shelf freeware applications like a chat, shopping cart or BBS and you have a snazzy 'e-commerce enabled' corporate website. Right? Wrong!
Creating a web solution is not about putting together features using tools available to a developer or about finding some hosting space to make your site globally accessible. It is about the development of a serious online marketing tool for your business, which will work towards bringing you the desirable results. It is about ensuring that your online presence is in line with your off-line one.

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