Strategy for your business on the web. This is based on the inputs from the clients coupled with research and various management tools we frame the complete strategy for the project.



  " The Look & Feel of your Site" is what makes your site a presentable one. Our Creative Team prepares the basic design of the based on the category, business strategy and creative aspects of your site.
  Once the design is finalized by the Client, we divide the complete project in several modules. These modules are developed which involve the content creation, implementation of design, backend programming and database management. Then these modules are integrated with each other to get the fully functional site or application.
  Checking the complete site for functionality. This work is undertaken by our Quality Checking department. After this, recommendations are made, based on the quality standards of SimplySoft. These recommendations are then incorporated in the site and the site goes back to the Quality Checking Department for approval.
  Server configurations, database configurations and uploading of the site on to the web server forms the part of Implementation. Once the complete project is ready, we finally configure Mail server and DNS configurations.
  Designing a site is one part but maintenance of the site is equally important. We continuously monitor the performance of the web-site and debug the errors, if any. We even update the content of these sites depending upon the requirements of the client.
  We evaluate the site on various parameters like number of hits & search engine keywords. This helps the clients in positioning their site properly, reevaluate their business strategies, advertisement policies etc.
  Innovation is the basis of success of any novel idea. For us the complete process is work and fun. This gives us enough motivation and strength to try new technologies, dream, generate new ideas and make them a reality.

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